In the future everyone is going to know that it is a good idea to exercise the brain in specific ways, just as it has become common knowledge that physical exercise has multiple and important benefits for the body (including the brain).  We believe that individualized brain training can benefit anyone now, from world-class athletes looking for a competitive advantage, to seniors looking to slow down the cognitive aging process, to kids who are having trouble with focus and attention, to people suffering from emotional distress who have tried more traditional approaches only to be disappointed by the results.

We are all dynamic living beings, with different histories and unique brains.  At NeuroTransformation Center, we treat everyone as an individual and tailor our approach based on what each person wants to get out of the process.   The focus is on collaboration and discovery, not diagnoses and labels.

For those of you who are suffering emotionally or psychologically, know that our approach may seem quite different to anything else you may have encountered.  We do not see our work as “treatment” in the traditional sense of that word.  We see it as brain “training” or “exercise.”  We never hand out diagnoses, or get stuck on labels that are often inappropriate to begin with.  From our perspective the current mental health system is broken.  NeuroTransformation Center hopes to be part of the solution.

We do not look at emotional or psychological challenges as diseases to be treated.  Instead we believe that by encouraging the brain to be more flexible and resilient through training, the suffering associated with many of the so called “mental illnesses” can often be largely diminished or even, sometimes, resolved.  The brain and nervous system have wondrous capacities for self-healing and growth and our work is to help facilitate that innate capacity for self correction by allowing the brain to form an intimate relationship with itself.

For those of you that are taking prescribed psychopharmaceutical drugs, brain training can often lessen the need for them, safely, gradually and naturally.  Of course, this would need to be done in collaboration with your prescribing physician.

Another important facet of our approach is that we see what we do as being a piece of a larger puzzle.  We are big believers in complementary approaches, and particularly good nutrition and exercise for the simple reason that they are hugely supportive of overall brain health, as well as helping to set the stage for healing and growth.  We are partnered with excellent health coaches and other wellness practitioners, and can offer specific suggestions on different supports that you can use on your own, such as micronutrient formulations that are very effective and have solid research to support their use, as well as safe and effective neurotechnologies.