Stephen Barnard, LCSW, BCN

Soon after working with members of the New York City emergency services who were 9-11 first-responders, helping them come to terms with their experiences, Stephen learned first hand about the possibilities of powerful brain change through the intensive practice of meditation during many months of silent retreats, led by teachers such as Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein.  Around the same time, some of the first brain imaging studies showing changes as the result of meditation practice were published. Seeing that there was an obvious synergy between ancient transformative techniques and modern brain science, Stephen decided to focus his professional life on this exciting intersection.

After receiving a Masters in Social Work from City University of New York, Hunter College, in 2006, Stephen moved to Asheville, where he worked in several different capacities in community mental health, serving as clinical lead for community support and mobile crisis teams, as well as providing talk therapy.  All the while, Stephen researched and began using techniques and technologies that he found helped facilitate many of the benefits of meditation and psychotherapy, but that didn’t necessarily require the same degree of time commitment or instruction, such as neurofeedback, other forms of biofeedback and gentle brain stimulation technologies.  In fact he discovered that for some people these techniques could be more powerful, efficient, targeted and individualized than more common and traditional approaches.

In 2011, Stephen joined the CooperRiis Healing Community, a premier holistic residential mental health facility, where he developed and ran their NeuroEnhancement Program, possibly the most comprehensive such program offered in a residential facility anywhere, and the outcomes of which he presented at several national clinical and scientific conferences.  Eventually serving as Clinical Director, Stephen retired from CooperRiis in 2017 and founded NeuroTransformation Center in order to more broadly pursue his passion for bridging the worlds of leading edge science and clinical practice with the aspirations of people from all walks of life.

Stephen is a licensed clinical social worker and is BCIA board certified in neurofeedback.