Brain Change is Possible…in Fact it’s Inevitable

Everyone’s brain changes, whether we like it or not.  The question is: can we positively influence the nature of that change?  It turns out that we can.  Neuroscientists used to think that after childhood the human brain essentially withered on the vine, losing brain cells steadily through old age without the possibility of growing new ones.  We now know this isn’t true.

You may have already heard about the idea of “neuroplasticity” or the fact that the brain changes based on experience, and that new brain cells, and connections between them, can be born throughout the entire course of the human life span.  This is very exciting news, but it also cuts both ways: adverse experiences or unhealthy habits can lead to loss of brain matter and optimal functioning.  So the question is how to harness positive neuroplasticity most efficiently and effectively and, in so doing, also reverse the effects of negative brain change.

Located in downtown Asheville, NeuroTransformation Center offers powerful options, including our core modality neurofeedback, to help facilitate positive, lasting brain changes, which can affect virtually every aspect of life.  This is our mission and it is spearheaded by Stephen Barnard, LCSW, BCN, who is a licensed mental health provider and BCIA certified in neurofeedback. Our website offers an overview of what we do.  The “Info Hub” page is a good place to start.